Understanding the basics about domain names:

When I talk about domain names, I like to use the analogy of a house. The domain name would be the address of your house. So when you buy a domain name, it’s telling the Internet where your Website is located.

For example, my domain name is https://jordanodom.com. If you were to type this into your Web browser, it pulls up my Website. To be technical, my actual domain name is “jordanodom” and the “.com” is actually my domain name extension. 


How to buy your domain name using GoDaddy.com:

I use GoDaddy.com to buy all of my domains. In this tutorial, I’m going to purchase a domain name (eBikeDiary.com) so you can see the entire process. The best practice for buying your domain is to buy the “.com” version. The domain that you will use for your Website is called the “primary” domain name. 

Note: The length of your domain name will affect the social media vanity URLs you can get. For example Twitter allows you 12 characters. If your domain name is more than 12 character you won’t be able to fit it. (Assuming it’s still available) A great tool to see if your name is still available is https://namechk.com/


How to forward your secondary domain names using GoDaddy.com:

Buying Your Secondary Domain Name Extensions:

That brings us to other domain name extensions. It is best practice to buy the .net, .org, and .co to protect your domain name from competitors. You can forward these domain names to your primary domain name.

It is also best practice to buy any misspelled version of your domain name. I found that a lot of people misspell my domain name with Jordon instead of Jordan so I purchased jordonodom.com and forwarded that domain to my correct one.