Watch this tutorial to learn how to take your Website live:

Taking your WordPress Website live is both exciting and scary at the same time. It’s exciting that the public is finally going to see what you’ve been working on, but it can be scary trying to get everything switched over correctly.

This video lesson is longer than most of my lessons, but you are going to want to follow along all the way to the end. I show you the exact steps you’ll need to take to switch over your DNS settings and then installing an SSL Certificate. If you don’t go in the order that I show you, it can really mess things up and can take a long time to try and fix it.

*If you haven’t setup your WP Engine hosting account, go back and watch Lesson 3.

How to get your SSL Certificate to show the green lock:

After you have your SSL Certificate installed on your WordPress Website, you’ll notice that the green lock doesn’t show up because there are some errors on the page that are not secure. The first time this happened to me I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and thought it was an issue with the actual SSL Certificate. After a lot of digging into the code, I found that there were manual links that were still http instead of https. For each page, you need to go through and update those links. These links can also be found in the Avada Theme Options. Watch the video to see how to update your manual links so your SSL Certificate will work correctly.