How to setup your business email with G Suite:


Your next step in this Website Course is to setup your business email address.

Your business email address will build trust and show that you are a real business. You will also need it to harness the power of email marketing. CANSPAM laws in the United States require you to send mass emails the an email from your domain name.

The solution I use: Google has an amazing business email solution that allows you to get an email address setup with your domain name. This product is called G Suite and it works just like gmail, but is made for businesses. At $5 per month it’s very affordable. Watch me setup my business email account for in less than 10 minutes!

Affiliate Disclosure: Jordan Odom Marketing is an affiliate with G Suite. If you click on a G Suite link in this page and end up purchasing an account, Jordan Odom Marketing will be compensated for it. (This allows us to provide you with this free content) This does not cost you anything extra. Jordan recommends G Suite based on his own use of it. Jordan doesn’t promote products that he doesn’t use personally and find valuable.

Step-By-Step Instructions:


You can start your 14 day free trial with no payment information required. This is what it will look like:

G Suite - Free Trial


You’ll want to click the “Next” button to be guided through the creation process of your G Suite account for your business.

Step 2 of setting up your G Suite


Fill out your business name. G Suite wants to know your business name and how many employees. It will use this information to help customize how many email addresses you will need to setup during this process.

Step 3 in the G Suite Process


Where is your business located? Choose the country of where you are located and click next.

Step 4: Setting up G Suite


What’s your current email address? G Suite will need an existing email address to send you your new information so you don’t lose it. 

Step 5: Setting up G Suite


Does your business have a domain? If you completed lesson 1, you have already purchased your domain name. Go ahead and click the Yes, I have one I can use button.

If you haven’t purchased your domain name yet, go back to Lesson 1 and purchase your domain. You will want full control over your domain name so don’t buy it through G Suite.

Step 6: G Suite Setup


What’s your business’s domain name? Go ahead and enter your domain name.

You don’t need the “http” or “www”. You would enter just enter your domain name.

Step 7: G Suite Setup


Use this domain to set up the account? This step verifies you’ve picked the correct domain name.

Step 8: G Suite Setup


What’s your name? You’ll be the G Suite account admin since you’re creating the account.

Don’t worry, you can assign this role to someone else later.

Step 9: Setting up G Suite

STEP 10:

How you’ll sign in You’ll use your username to sign into your G Suite account and create your business email address.

If you own your domain name, you can use an email address you already have at this domain.

Your current email won’t be affected until you set up your new business Gmail account with G Suite. We’ll walk you through setting that up later.

Step 10: G Suite Setup

STEP 11:

Agree and Create Account You’ll click the box to verify you’re not a robot. You’ll read the G Suite agreement. Last, you’ll click the button that says “Agree and Create Account” button.

Step 11: G Suite Setup

STEP 11:

CONGRATS! Now you have a G Suite account. There are still a few things left to do. 

G Suite is going to ask for your username and password to change the MX Records with the DNS settings in (Assuming you purchased your domain through You can watch the tutorial above.

If you provide your username and password and click the allow button, it will do this for you.

If you don’t want to allow G Suite to access your account, you can go in manually to GoDaddy and add the MX records yourself.

G Suite MX Records

Once you’ve updated the MX records within your DNS settings, it will point your G Suite email to your domain name. Once that is verified, you will be able to login to your G Suite email and start sending emails.

Logging into your G Suite Account

In order to login, you can go to and enter your username and password.

Your username will be the email you setup with your domain name.

If you have any issues receiving email, checkout this G Suite Fix tutorial.